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Peter Wilbanks, MD

Peter Wilbanks, MD, was born in Richmond and attended Washington and Lee University and was the first Lewis Scholar. He went to medical school at the prestigious Medical College of Virginia, VCU School of Medicine.  He completed his residency at MCU-VCU and was elected Chief Resident and recipient of the first Roberts Award,  chosen by peers  for the most outstanding resident.

Dr Wilbanks spent 30 years as a ObGyn in Richmond as a strong advocate for Women’s Health, but quickly realized the emerging crisis of weight gain and obesity and the implications of long-term health issues related to this disease.

Over the past decade, he has re-dedicated his practice to addressing long-term of weight loss in his patient population and the challenges they faced trying to lose excess body fat and prevent regaining.

Dr Wilbanks was one of the first Richmond physicians to earn a Board Certification in Medical Bariatrics and has spent the last decade developing a comprehensive weight loss program that entails advanced medical therapy treating primary causal factors of weight gain and behavior change for long-term sustainable weight loss.

As technology advanced in the areas of telehealth and remote patent monitoring, Dr Wilbanks realized he could treat patients remotely with the same tools used within his “brick and mortar” office.  These incredible innovations allow patients to have a quality “face to face” encounter with Dr Wilbanks or another licensed medical provider in the comfort and convenience of their own home or office. With the introduction of newer and better medicines such as Semaglutide and Tirzepatide, patient success has improved markedly along with guidance of proper nutrition and encouragement of physical activity

As Dr Wilbanks’s practice has transitioned to weight loss, and with the help of the professionals at Privia Health, TD Tele-Doc Weight Loss was born, enabling them to treat patients throughout the entire state of Virginia.

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